Things Fall Apart Nwoye Character Analysis

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Did you know that attitude is infectious and can affect the people that are near the person exhibiting a given attitude, which in turn can influence their behavior as well. Nwoye is a teenage boy who is like an emotional roller coaster. He gains a brother who is then life is spared, his father is exiled for the killing of a young boy, and he betrays his own religion for one that he says will take him to be successful. Nwoye’s emotions changed when he is confronted by missionaries that turned his perspective to a positive outlook on life . The change of Emotions, Religion, and Attitude, how worse could it get for the so called Nwoye in Things Fall Apart. Before the missionaries came Nwoye was a very shy and sensve boy who is mistreated by …show more content…
Nwoye is like an emotional bobble head, he reacts to change in many different ways. When Ikemefuna’s life was spared Nwoye reacts to it as he went into a depression state of mind. As book states, “ Then something had given way inside him. It descended on him again,this feeling, when his father walked in , that night after killing Ikemefuna.” (62). In this situation the change was two big for Nwoye and he had a mental and physical breakdown because an innocent life was taken. Nwoye’s confidence is boosted after he meets the missionaries. But, after Nwoye was assaulted by his own father he wasn't turning back this was going to happen. When Nwoye went to Mr. Kiaga to tell him he was going to Umofia to learn how toread and write with the white missionaries. After he goes to school he says he will come back to get his Mother, his brothers, and sisters and convert them to Christianity. The book states, “ Nwoye did not fully understand. But, he would would return later to his mother and brothers and sisters and convert them to the new faith.” Nwoye really wasn't going back he was full force and didn't ever think about asking his father for forgiveness because he knew his father would never accept him back. The book states “ He Okonkwo, was called a flaming fire. How could he have begotten a woman for a son?” This really showed how Okonkwo felt about

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