Christian Missionariess In Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe

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In Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, he introduces the Christian missionaries in chapter 16 that had an effect on the Ibo culture as a whole. Some of the tribe took on the new culture as their own, while others pushed it away, saying that it was going to “break their clan and spread destruction among them.” (133) The person that was most affected from their coming was Okonkwo, the main character of the book. Even though he undergoes losing family, friends and also his culture losing its strength in numbers and faith, he refuses their influence and does not adapt to their ways. At the same time, it does make him change into the thing that he fears the most. The weakness that his father had socially and emotionally. As the missionaries are …show more content…
The Christians have changed the look of the village by building their school and hospital, which would change the architecture of the village as a whole. Also, as the Christians force some to cut their hair, they might have even brought different clothes which would cause some of the people, that Okonkwo may have known, to look very different than what he remembered. He believed “the church had come and led many astray” such as friend Ogbuefi Ugonna who “had cut the anklet of his titles and cast it away to join the Christians.” (162) Okonkwo, at this point, does not know that to do since the numbers of the Christian community have become larger than his own and that it is too late to try to fight them off. When Okonkwo tries to regain his clan by beheading a messenger of the Christians, no one decides to realize the past and strength of their clan, but to just sit there and mumble that he was the crazy one and ask, “’Why did he do it?’” (189) This is when Okonkwo realizes that he is alone in the fight against himself and the missionaries while everyone else had the Christians as an

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