Theu.s. Unemployment, The Education System, And Racial Issues

1662 Words Feb 2nd, 2016 null Page
America, “home of the free,” a place that is supposed to be full of acceptance. However, most Americans would not agree with that statement. American was once this dreamland, and over time the dreamland has only been tarnished. Many problems face American today, and honestly more than the American people know how to deal with. Americans are setting up future generations to completely fail because of the terrible issues they don’t know how to control. Some of the biggest issues facing the U.S are unemployment, the education system, and racial issues. However, there are plenty more that need to be discussed. It seems as though American citizens have just given up, they see the problem yet no one is doing anything to stop it. Every major issue in America all goes hand in hand, unemployment leads to poverty, which leads to obesity. If these issues aren’t stopped soon, there is no stopping them ever. They keep spiraling out of control, until there is no stoping it. Unemployment is a rising issue, that the U.S can’t seem to control. Since 2007 more than 4 million people count themselves to be long term unemployed. Firms tend to ignore people who have been out of a job for six months, even though their credentials are better. Rand Ghayad, a PhD candidate at Northeaster University, organized an experiment. He sent out thousands of fake resumes with different unemployment times. With this experiment they can justify that firms do ignore certain resumes, just because of…

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