Theu.s. Constitution And The United States Essay

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According to the 14th amendment in the U.S. Constitution, all men are said to be created equal. This law is simply saying that people are of equal moral worth, and deserves equal treatment no matter who you are, a man, woman, slave, non-slave, gay or strict. But if you think about it and compare one person to another person are we all actually created equally? from the time America was discover until now, there have been several great changes and improvement in our society pertaining to equality and how people are treated now. Despite all that I still think people are treated differently base on their race, gender and ethnicity. People are treated differently base on their race because there is still a huge equality difference, using blacks and whites as an example. For so many years, blacks have been discriminated in the sense that they have had their rights and freedom taken away from them. In 1961, African Americans were enslaved and brought into Jamestown, Virginia in the U.S. They were not allowed to speak their own dialect and they had not rights to vote even when they were not considered slave; therefore, they were basically being ignored. Their right to vote was not acknowledgeable simply because they were considered property (to have the audacity to call a human a property, says a lot by itself). Another reason how people are treated differently base on their race is because people like blacks couldn’t live in certain area where whites lived and if they…

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