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I am reading Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk and I am on page 180. Fight Club follows the story of a nameless narrator and his newfound insane friend, Tyler Durden. Our narrator lives a life of regularity and routine. Day in and day out at a desk job, making just enough for basic necessities. Tyler inspires him to break free from this chain and experience cold, true life. Life in the freest sense. They do so by starting an illegal underground boxing organization, or, Fight Club. Where men of all walks of life can break free from their normality chains and truly live a little each night. In this book I will be analyzing Tyler’s lifestyle and mindsets and questioning our narrators motives.

G- Tyler lives a free life of risk, energy, and principle.
Y- He broke free from
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In fact, this is considered a great, healthy life. He disagrees with that strongly. Tyler lives the way he wants to. He believes that in order to know what it means to live, you must first abandon comfort. “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything” (Palahniuk). He lives freely because he gave up ideas of a soft, convenient life for ideas of risks, danger, and obscurity. Not only does Tyler find this to be the absolute best life for him, but also for everyone around him. He is constantly attempting to change people’s lives. He does this quite successfully with the creation of Fight Club. He draws in the narrator right after the narrators apartment is exploded and everything he owns is destroyed. He unknowingly why, calls a stranger he had met earlier on the beach. A stranger who started to talk to him with a cool rush of adrenaline and differentness. When Tyler answers, they meet up to talk. This is where Tyler truly exposes his life to the naïve narrator who is drawn in by the exhilarating feeling of irresponsibility. Together they show many others this life each night at Fight Club. Tyler has

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