Theresa Schiavo Essay

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Justice for Theresa Schiavo

The case of Theresa (Terri) Marie Schiavo was a very well known in 2005. This case is the classic no win-win situation. Everyone will have a different point of view and perspective regarding this case. Terri was born on December 3, 1963 in Pennsylvania. In 1984 at age 20, she married her husband, Michael Schiavo, 21. Six years later something happened that changed her life forever. On February 25, 1990 Terri suffered from a cardiac arrest which caused her some brain damage leaving her in a Persistent Vegetative State (PVS). PVS can be defined as "a clinical condition of unawareness of self and environment, in which the patient, has a stable circulation, and shows cycles of eye closure and opening [that]
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Mr.Pearse issued his report which he concluded that Ms.Schiavo’s was in PVS with no chance of improvement. In 2000, the trial begins and judge Greer rules that the PEG be removed. It was not until a year later that her PEG tube was removed for the first time ( April 24,2001) and was reinserted two days later. The trial went on for years and in 2003 the tube was removed for the second time and reinserted six days later. That same year Prof. Jay Wolfson from University of South Florida, also concluded that Terri Schiavo was is PVS with no chance of improvement.
I believe Michael’s loved his wife, Terri, was genuine. Rumors said they were having issues, but even if that was the case which marriage of six years don’t have their issues here and there, that’s part of marriage and is not all a fairytale. On March 18, 2005 the PEG tube was removed for the third and final time, thirteen days later Terri’s soul was finally able to rest in peace. Dr. Jon Thogmartin’s medical examiner autopsy report showed that Terri Schiavo’s condition was consistent with a person in persistent vegetative state and it also showed that the damage was irreversible. He stated “No amount of therapy or treatment would have regenerated the massive loss of neurons”. Even the results of the investigation that Governor Jeb Bush requested to investigate the amount of time that elapsed between the time Ms. Schiavo collapsed and her

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