There 's No Frigate Like A Book By Emily Dickinson Essay

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The Unexpected Winner

Emily Dickinson’s Poem, “There’s No Frigate Like A Book” develops beautifully line by line. Drawing the imagination to exercise the meaning of the choice of words along the way, challenging the reader to contend what the poem is about. Dickinson’s poem crafts the unexpected and develops thought patterns to believe in the unseen world.
Taking an adventure to new heights, “There is no Frigate like a book”, contest us to believe there is no race to reading a good book. Frigate, meaning a mid-sized war ship by definition, relates to the power of the imagination and adventure when reading a book. This amazing power thrives in every person who dares to read. Warships are always moving forward and looking for the next target. Possibly why Dickinson always looked for the next book she would read.
When “To take us lands way” was inspired by Dickinson’s moving around as young child, she would use reading as a way to escape the reality of day-to-day society. To be taken from the reality of everyday chores only knowing she will travel places only a book can take you. Put into the prior stanza, war ships travel by water and only dock when needed on land to resupply. This becoming the rejuvenation felt in her soul when engrossed in a book.
“Nor any coursers like a page” the fantasy she is living in describes the mode of travel mystically by superior horses. By reading page by page is symbolic to galloping to the finish line. A courser describes…

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