Theory Of The Id, Ego And Superego Essay

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1. Consider the problem of obesity. Many children and adults in our society are dangerously overweight, with the problem continuing to grow. How would a psychodynamic and a learning theorist explain the development of this condition? (Week 1)
Sigmund Freud a psychodynamic theorist could explain the condition through his theory of the Id, Ego and Superego. The Id is impulsive which directly responds to instinct. This could contribute to the condition through the marketing of the supermarkets by having fast food and junk food readily available for consumers. The Ego is more realistic and will find realistic ways to satisfy the Id. The ego doesn’t know right from wrong as its only goal is to satisfy the Id in any realistic way that it can. That can also be through the wanting of fast food and junk food and the easy access. The Superego controls the Id’s impulses and also incorporates the morals and values of one’s parents. The children and adults would have learned bad eating and exercising habits from their parents at an early age which in turn will keep cycling till it can be broken.
Bandura a learning theorist could explain obesity through cognitive processing and observational learning. Cognitive processing also known as mediational processes consist of attention, retention and reproduction. Attention is the exposure to the behaviour, retention is how well we remember that behaviour and reproduction is performing that behaviour, Observational learning happens when someone…

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