Essay on Theoretical Reflections of The virtual Child

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Course Outline

Community and Health Studies

Community Studies

Early Childhood Education

Course Title:
Preschool, School-Age, Specialized Field Practicum

Course Code:
ECEP 245

Total Course Hours:

All first semester courses
ECEP 135 or ECEP 235

Eligible for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition:

Originated by:
Pauline Camuti, Erin Wallace,

June 2010

Effective Semester:
Fall 2010

Approved by: ________________________________________
Students are expected to know the contents of the course outline and to discuss with the professor any areas where clarification is
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Cell Phones:
Cell phones and Blackberries MUST be turned off in field placement.

Please refer to the ECE Student Handbook and the Field Placement manual for specific details related to Policies and Expectations in Early Childhood Education

Student Rights and Responsibilities
Students should familiarize themselves with all College Policies that cover students’ rights and responsibilities. For more information on the following and other policies, please visit or consult the Academic Matters Section in the full-time and Continuing Education catalogues.

Respect at Centennial
At Centennial College, we are committed to providing a safe and respectful learning, teaching and working environment for all students, faculty and staff that promotes equity. Policies have been put in place to ensure that Centennial is a place that demonstrates respect and consistency with the Ontario Human Rights Code. All incidents of harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence will be addressed and responded to. As a college, we take the position that all forms of harassment, including personal harassment and bullying, must be stopped. Please refer to and

Academic Honesty
Academic honesty is integral to the learning process and a necessary ingredient of academic integrity. Students have a responsibility to be aware of

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