Essay Themes Of William Shakespeare 's ' Romeo And Juliet '

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What we do as a species is about making connections and bonds with others we create feelings and compassion with others this is one of our basic desires in life. Many poets have written about their relationships with others and the different types of love they experience these types of themes such as lust,love and desire to be loved they continue in a modern contexts as it is universal and relatable to all different human beings. Themes hold a very strong and influential feeling on the reader as the importance is very strong as it will provide the reader with ideas of the story or play. Themes are also mixed ideas that are massively known because they are universal meaning they can be applied in a modern contexts.
With Shakespeare there are many different themes that are certainly explored in relation to connections between different characters in the play but also the different types of love represented in these.An example of this is first and probably the most well known type of love is the passionate sexual and romantic love that is shown by the characters Romeo and Juliet. This type of love is unconditional and lasts forever as Romeo and Juliet would rather die than be without each other. Ironically Romeo and Juliet 's love is everlasting as they have not had enough time to find faults with each other or to start to dislike one another 's qualities in any way.

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