Three Wishes Liane Moriarty Analysis

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Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty is set in modern day Australia. It begins with multiple accounts of a brawl that took place at a restaurant. Those engaged in the brawl, according to witness accounts, are triplets, who are celebrating their birthday at the restaurant. Their names are Cat, Lyn, and Gemma Kettle. Three Wishes provides the backstory of the triplets leading up to the night they fought one another at the restaurant.

The reader learns that Cat’s husband, Dan, has told her that he’s been unfaithful. He had a one-night stand with another woman, whom he met in a bar. Lyn grows angry with Dan for his deceit, despite the fact that she met her husband, Michael, while he was currently married to someone else. Meanwhile, Charlie, a locksmith, calls and wakes Gemma. They had planned to go on a date the night before, but Gemma stood him up. Gemma ends up going out with Charlie though, after he comes over to her house. The triplets seek out Angela—the woman with whom Dan had a one-night stand, to ask her for directions.
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In a marriage counseling session with Cat, he reveals to her that before they were married, before they started dating even, he slept with Lyn, Cat’s sister. When confronted with this, Lyn insists she thought Cat already knew about her and Dan’s tryst. With Christmas rolling around, Lyn offers to host the holiday for the triplets’ whole family at her house. Gemma decides to bring Charlie, whom she refers to as her boyfriend, so he can meet the

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