Themes In The Movie Amadeus

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“I am a patron of mediocrity in the world" is a bitter joke of Antonio Salieri in the final of the biographical film based on Peter Shaffer 's film. A unique gift and an ordinary man are the main theme of the movie "Amadeus." This film is not trying to recreate an accurate biography of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This is most likely a fantasy on the theme of relationships capable of, but not more, Salieri and infinitely talented Amadeus Mozart. Taking the life paths of these musicians, the director reflects on the nature of genius, of envy, of the relationship with God. Antonio Salieri is painfully thinking about why some people easily given to all, while others are forced to make significant efforts in achieving success, and the response was …show more content…
It presents, perfectly set musical numbers, transmitting incomprehensible mood, beautiful music of Mozart. The music works were quite Amadeus, the darker and envious Salieri became. Hopelessness, confusion and at the same time, the good thrill of Antonio Salieri 's eyes say when he sees the musical recording of Mozart, where there are no inaccuracies and corrections. He understands that the magical sounds are dictated from above, and that he was deprived of this gift. Salieri gladly accepts ban on production of the opera Amadeus, but it becomes a little consolation, because he knows that "The Marriage of Figaro" flawless. Mozart died, and Antonio Salieri was doomed to an unenviable fate. Over the years, he watched how people forget about him and his music. A unique work of Austrian musician has found an echo in the hearts of people, bringing great suffering Salieri. In confession the priest who came to the madhouse, where the former court composer, tells the story of admiration for the musical genius of Mozart and insane hatred and envy, which captured Salieri. His words "what the terms of some of mediocrity, and I of their patron" is a sad example of a person to create good music, fine understand it, but to create in the same time as a great man, the scale of the personality and talent of whom live now. Amadeus eccentric laughter, childish and the impetuous sad story ends Salieri. He heard it, recalling that divine genius cannot be ruined and

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