The Importance Of Being Earnest Play Analysis

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I attended a UCF Theatre production on July 16, 2015 at 7:00P.M. The play that I went to was called the “The Importance of Being Earnest.” Oscar Wilde wrote the play and first performed it during the late 1800s. The play consists of two men and their journey towards finding their true love. During the play these two men go by the name of Earnest. They both use the same name to win over the women they desire in order to take their hand in marriage, but Jack uses the name earnest as an alibi for his scandalous life in London while Algernon uses it solely to impress his love interest. The major problem that comes about is that their real names are not “Earnest;” the only reason why they are using these names is because their current fiancés find …show more content…
John told Lady Bracknell that he doesn’t give consent to Cecily to marry Algernon due to the fact that he lied by saying that his name was “Earnest.” Another theme in the play is how social statues effects decision making. Lady Bracknell only took into consideration what Cecily owned and how much she had in her bank account when she gave consent to Algernon. The way society perceived love in the late 1800 was the biggest theme in the play. From the beginning of the play the characters expressed their ideals. Cecily and Gwendolen only looked for physical aspects in their search for their fiancé. For example they only cared about the name “Earnest” when it came down to marrying John and Algernon. The women never looked at their personality, character, work ethic, etc. The last theme that I could distinguish would be that love always wins. At the end of the play John and Algernon are able to marry the women that they truly love. Even though Algernon’s name wasn’t really “Earnest” Gwendolen still forgave him.
The Scenic Design helped me understand the time period the play was taking place. The way the room was decorated helped me conclude John and Algernon’s were somewhat wealthy and social statues. One main thing that caught my eye was the background. The background always gave me an idea where the characters were located. Also the lights were somewhat the same throughout the whole scene. The main thing that the lights did was dim down to indicate that the scene was over. I came to the conclusion that the play was a satire and had a satiric tone during the whole play. This satire is was what made the play so

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