Theme Of True Colour Of Satpanth From The Preceding Verse Essay

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This verse expands on the theme of true colour of Satpanth from the preceding verse, advising the faithful to embody and steadfastly retain the colour of Truth, just as a fabric permanently absorbs the colour of a dye.

The word ra(n)g or colour in the context of this verse means ‘attachment’, ‘love’, ‘affection’, ‘passion’, ‘liking’, ‘longing’ and the term ra(n)gāvu(n) means ‘to be imbued with’, ‘to be saturated with’, ‘to be enamoured of’, ‘to be deeply attached to’, ‘to be love-struck’, ‘to be filled with love for’. Thus, the first line means ‘dye yourself with the colour of Truth’ or ‘immerse yourself with the colour of Truth’. Clearly, dyeing or immersing oneself with the colour of Truth implies doing away with the fleeting colour of falsehood, stemming from dunyā (world) and replacing it with the lasting colour of the Truth, emerging from Satpanth. The lasting and profound colour of the Truth in the form of Satpanth, compared to choḷ majīṭh (deep red hue produced from the roots of the Indian madder) in the preceding verse, is only attainable through a competent Guru hence, Pir Sadarddin says in one of his other Ginan:

Jīrebhāī Gurne pūchhī tame karaṇī kamāvo to uttam ra(n)g ra(n)gāvo

O brother, earn meritorious deeds through the guidance of the Guru, thus be imbued with the best of colours!

The uttam ra(n)g (best colour) is indeed the genuine colour, genuine in the sense of permanence and that is indeed the colour of Satpanth (True Path), the hue of the Truth,…

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