Lothrop Stoddard Book Report

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The Rising Tide of Color against White World Supremacy by T. Lothrop Stoddard was first published in 1921. This book was about how color people is growing in pollution and he fear that the color people will take over the white world empire and colonialism. Lothrop Stoddard believe that the white race is the “Primary Race” and wanted a eugenic separation, in which he want to control human population breeding to increase heritable characteristics because Whites are superior. This book was written in a time where racism was as big deal and Stoddard really believed that the world should be controlled by the white people and the color people would only destroy it.
Lothrop Stoddard says in his book that there are four primary categories: Yellows, Browns, blacks, and reds. The mass majority of the colors are yellow numbering over 500 million which reside in eastern Asia. Browns come in second with 450 million spreading across the Pacific Ocean westward across southern Asia and northern Africa to the Atlantic Ocean. The blacks in Centre Africa south of Sahara desert rounding up to 150 million. Last but not least are the red skins “Indians” which are located south of the Rio Grande in Latin America totaling
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Fear of colored people. He used this claim to blame color people for their individual hardships at the time. A racist does not seek to be rational but instead only sees information that supports his claim. This greatly effect history as it will not be the only time it has happened. Adolf Hitler a leader of the Nazi party blamed everything on the Jews and prompted the people against them using their fear and he blame Jews for their problems and then he took it a step further and sought Jew out killing millions of them throughout his reign of terror by orchestrating the Holocaust. Adolf also used this fear to promote his uprising in World War

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