Theme Of Tension In Frankenstein

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The Difficult Path to Finding a Place of Belonging.
The tension between the creature created by Victor Frankenstein and the community was inevitable due to the creature being the other, the only one of his kind. However, the difference in appearance is not a valid reason to dehumanize an individual who is striving to be a part of the community. Prior to the creature becoming alive, in no way was he considered hideous in appearance to his creator. Victor stated, “I began the creation of a human being” (Shelley 45) from his perspective, not only was the creature beautiful but it was also a human. The scientist believed the success of his experiment would change the world of science and the unique individual he created would be beneficial to the
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Every detail presented: the dark spooky graveyards, the gothic architecture of the castle, the lighting striking, the pouring rain and the scientific equipment in the laboratory, deliver a sense of terror, that the mystery of what is about to happen will be revealed. It sets a sense of tone for the whole film that it indeed will be a terrifying set of events. Finally, the moment when the creature escaped, gave hope that he may find someone who would show more empathy and care towards him, unlike his creator did and for a brief moment the mission was successful. The creature finds a little girl, Maria, who invites him to play despite his fearsome appearance. At that moment, the creature smiles and finds what he has been striving for: being accepted as a human. The two play a game of throwing daisies into the lake and watch them float but after running out of flowers, the creature throws Maria into the lake in which she drowns. Fearing his actions, he flees. The community views the incident as a murder and determined to bring it to justice. Once again, he is faced with rejection and anger from the community that only wants harm him. The creature is found at the mill where he’s captured Victor, but when Victor sees the opportunity to escape he falls to the ground but remains alive. Several of the villagers attend to the scientist and bring him back home, but want to punish the creature entrapped inside the mill, by setting it on fire. The community rushed to judgment that he was a murderer and wanted to punish the creature brutally instead of inviting him and being generous in like Maria. The child showed more love towards the creature than his creator did and the community, she did not get scared of his appearance, she saw him as another human being and her instinct was to be friendly. If only the community set a positive example of behavior it would have

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