Theme Of Personification In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee uses her words to add a depth to the story. She uses types of imagery to add layers to the book which when the reader peals those layers back will reveal a deeper meaning to the story. In this novel Lee uses personification in her writing. She wrote “The house died” (13). This gives the house a human like quality making it more relatable to the reader which in return makes the reader more immersed into the story .
Simile is also used in this story to compare two things. Lee wrote “he was as good as his worst performance” (44). This it refers to Dill and it means that he was horrible because it compares him to his worst performance.
Hyperbole is used to over exaggerate things in a story. In this novel Lee
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In Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird she uses both short and long sentence style depending on the point she is trying to covey. One example of a long sentence style is “I was proceeding on the dim theory, aside from the innate attractiveness of such words, that if Atticus discovered I had picked them up at school he wouldn't make me go” (90). Now in this scout was talking about the curse words that she learned at school. She wanted to get the point across that she uses them and that Atticus would strongly dislike her using them if she found out. An example of a short sentence is “‘Did you forget your lunch this morning’” (21). This is when Scout’s teacher is talking to a student. It is short and to the point to help the story from getting boring. mainly the dialogue in the story has a short sentence …show more content…
Since To Kill a Mockingbird takes play in a Southern town during the Great Depression she uses words that those of the south would use and word that people used during that time period. One example of the dialect is “...went to Montgomery to read law” (14). The term read law is an older term that is used in the story to help the reader get a better understanding of the time period. To read law means to study law. It is not hard for a basic reader to understand what it means but it is different meaning it stands out to the reader. So in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird she used vivid images to give us a better picture of a certain event or person the the novel. She varies her sentence length to keep it interesting for the reader while continuing to expand on the plot. She uses dialect to help us understand the setting of the story

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