Theme Of Fear In Oedipus The King

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Register to read the introduction… Oedipus fears that he is the one who killed King Laius, who later on turns out to be his father, therefore Jocasta, who is Oedipus' wife, is also his mother. Oedipus tries to overlook all the clues, signs and evidence that are given to him throughout the play and which are pointing towards the truth. Even when the blind seer Tiresas tells him about how Oedipus is the one that has brought the plague to Thebes, since he is the murderer of the previous ruler, Oedipus does not want to believe this. The fear that he develops results in blaming the prophet and Creon for trying to overthrow him. "Oedipus: ‘Is this a plot of Creon, or thine own?'" His terror makes him lose his so often praised intelligence and ability to solve riddles. "Thou (Teiresias) in ear, wit, eye, in everything art blind". However, with this he is actually describing himself as Tiresias notices. Then, when there is no other possibility because the evidence is so damning, Oedipus finally admits to himself truth. Nonetheless, the theme of fear continues since Oedipus remains in terror of what other things might be discovered by his sight and because of this he pokes his eyes out since "sight brought no …show more content…
He is not only prevented to do this because of his own fear but also by his morals. This moral comes into play when he is about to tell Roxane what he feels for her; however, at exactly this instant, Christian, Cyrano's partner and opponent in winning Roxane's heart, is shot and killed. Roxane even admits to Cyrano that she values inner beauty more than physical beauty and this seems like the moment in which Cyrano is on the verge of winning the "battle of love" against Christian. Nevertheless, when Christian dies, Cyrano does not want to slander his reputation in death, and in order to give Christian one glorious moment before his death he tells Christian that Roxane loves him. This shows what a grand nobleman Cyrano actually is; however, it is still somewhat a mistake since Christian is dead in any case. Nevertheless, Cyrano denies his love until nearly the end of the

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