Scientific Laws In Oedipus The King

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“It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly 's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world” (“The beauty of scientific laws and how it influences the operations of a business”), choices people make can decide what happens in their lives. Oedipus, made decisions that led him to unveiling the truth and blinding himself. Oedipus, was the king of Thebes, married to Jocasta, his mother, before he discovered the truth of his marriage. Twenty years prior to the event, Oedipus fled his home. On his travels, he killed the occupiers of a chariot in anger, not knowing it was King Laius, his father. Arriving in Thebes, he encountered the Sphinx, defeating her by solving her riddle. As a reward, he was crowned …show more content…
Upon meeting Teiresias, however, Oedipus, is eager to listen to what he has to say, but Oedipus grew tired of his riddles and demanded an answer. Teiresias, tells him that he is the murderer, but Oedipus refuses to believe Teiresias’s accusation. In retaliation, Oedipus accuses Teiresias of working with Creon to overthrow him, “Great store of jealousy fill your treasury chests, if my friend Creon… thus secretly attacks me… and secretly suborns this juggling, trick devising quack… who has only eyes for his own gains…” (Grene 482). Oedipus believes that Teiresias is jealous of his title as King, if Creon is able to persuade him to tell a lie. However, Teiresias is telling the truth, but Oedipus never believes Teiresias, thinking that Creon has betrayed him. Oedipus instead doubts Teiresias’s gift, “It has, but not for you; it has no strength for you because you are blind in mind and ears as well as in your eyes” (Grene 482). Oedipus is saying that the truth has no strength for Teiresias, because he is blind, giving double meaning to Teiresias’s physical blindness and his prophetic eyes. Oedipus, doubts that Teiresias’ gift of prophecy is real, saying that he is superior to Teiresias because he figured out the Sphinx’s riddle while Teiresias did not. Had Oedipus believed Teiresias, he would not need to experience the …show more content…
Oedipus’ judgement throughout the play led him to finding the truth of his relationships to his parents and proving the prophecy correct. At first, Oedipus did not believe Teiresias, when he said that Oedipus was the murderer, however after finding out the truth he blinded himself with Jocasta’s brooches. Oedipus’s decision to ignore Jocasta’s request, allowed him to find out the truth, which eventually led him to blinding himself out of despair. People’s actions in their lifetime can lead to multiple paths throughout their lives, which can help them determine their fate from the beginning to the end of their

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