Theme Of Ambition In Hamlet To Ophelia

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Ever since the official publication of Hamlet in 1603. Critics from all over the world have stood in awe of the play’s universal themes of Power Ambition and betrayal. Shakespeare being the genius he is does a remarkable job at exposing the rawness with in each of the plays main characters. From Hamlet to Ophelia every character brings a sense of uniqueness. And each are put in various situations where they are tested and must combat their own on set of mental instabilities. These internalized struggles serve to make the characters appear more human like in there demeanor. Because of the characters being designed like this they ended appearing more relatable to a general audience even though they were telling the story from roles of nobility. …show more content…
Think about the situation from Hamlet’s eyes you just returned home from college only to find out your father has died. Soon after his ghost appears from out of nowhere to inform you that he did not die a natural death. No he in fact was assassination by your uncle Claudius in order to gain control of the throne. And the vary same man is going to bed joyfully every night with your unknowing mother. How would you feel in this situation would you be clam cool and collective? Or would you be in a fit of rage with knowing that the man who raised you from the time you were born suffered a gruesome and painful death at the hands of the person he trusted the most his own brother. And it’s not like hamlet never thought out the situation rationally he doubted himself and the ghost’s testimony multiple times. He even produced an entire play just to prove Claudius’s innocence. But when Claudius lost his composure at the plays assignation scene the truth was known and understandably Hamlet was out for …show more content…
Hamlet’s mother) hamlet only had to rely on himself this lead hamlet to be trapped in his own thoughts. Thus explaining the constant images of his mother in "incestual sheets”. Hamlet constantly visualized these images in order to help justify his need for revenge it was more of an adaptation needed for him to get the job done. While Hamlet may not have been truly “insane” he did suffer from a case of over thinking top this with his already critical persona and you can see the justification to his constant outburst at his illogical surroundings.

Because of Hamlet’s mother Gertrude’s chronic narcissism, it’s easy to see why her and Claudius clicked so well. Their sense of entitlement and self-importance were unparalleled. Throughout the play they showed zero signs of empathy life was just one huge show for them. From the inappropriate timing of the wedding to their incestual sex. They could never see how their actions acted as chain reaction in the life of

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