Why Is Hamlet A Complex Character In Hamlet

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The complexity of characters within Hamlet

Who is this character named hamlet? Why is he interesting or odd? Hamlet is a complex character. From the beginning of the story, we are introduced to his odd personality. Hamlet is full of contradictions. He is thoughtless yet alert, polite yet rude, caring yet careless. When Hamlet’s father passed away, he was filled with anger, Outrage and mistreatment. He shows a different side of himself when shows no regret when he is guilty for the deaths of his friends Rosencrantz, Guildenstern and Polonius. Hamlet shows disrespect towards Ophelia, who is Polonius’s daughter.
Since Hamlet is a complex character he tends to display different personalities to certain people. Hamlet illustrates his personalities
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He was affected and saddened with his father 's death. His mother just married his uncle recently after the death and thinks Ophelia would do the same thing his mother did so; he becomes aggressive towards her. This is his way of relieving himself of anger and everything he wants to release himself of negative energy. Hamlet also shows his disgust by calling women "breeders of sinners". This means women who breed girls are sinners. He calls Ophelia that because he thinks all women are the same. He used his negative feelings towards Ophelia to show his anger towards the …show more content…
This happens when his mother “let not thy mother her prayers, hamlet I pray thee, stay with us, go not to Wittenberg” (1.2.120-121), he obeys her. Despite his mother’s actions, He still respects her. Another example of respect that hamlet is for another character named Horatio. Hamlet mentions that horatio is a good friend as he says “sir, my good friend “in (1.2.163).
Hamlet states "I prithee, do not mock me, fellow student; I think it was to see my mother’s wedding” (1.2.176)." Hamlet recognizes Horatio’s intelligence and decides to respect him. This is respect for not only Horatio 's intelligence but also his awareness. Another important quality hamlet has within his character is trust which he shows towards Horatio. There are two examples that display this; the first example is that he believes Horatio when Horatio states that “season your admiration for a while with an attent ear till I may deliver; upon the witness of these gentleman, this marvel to you.”

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