Their Eyes Were Watching God Essay

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Their Eyes Were Watching God In the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston the main character, Janie, struggles with finding her true self. When reading this book I came to realize how different the world is today in comparison to 1937 when the book was published. I took away the meaningful lesson that was taught throughout the book to follow my dreams and never settle for less than you are worth. Their Eyes Were Watching God opened my eyes to the very real situation of people forcing their beliefs onto others and not staying true to themselves.

Over the course of the novel Janie has three husbands, all with a different agenda. The first was a man much older than she, whom her grandmother marries her off to when she was sixteen. He, in her grandmother 's perspective, can provide comfort for her, a sense of stability that Nanny never had. In growing up a slave, Nanny developed a way of thinking that caused her to force an arranged marriage onto her granddaughter, this man, in Nanny’s eyes was ideal. He was a wealthy middle aged black man, named Logan, who owned his own land. He could provide for her granddaughter. After several months of marriage, Logan’s love for Janie diminished. He demanded she do things for him that she did not want to do. I really resonated with this because there are still many people in the world today that are forced into marriages that they do not want to be in. I don’t see domestic abuse in my own life, so this opened my eyes to…

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