Art And Human Action-Worth-Making Essay

Theatre is the art of making human action worth watching, as defined by Paul Woodruff. As a sports management major, I tend to not see things through a theatric or artistic lens, just as a theater or dance major might not see things through a sports point of view. Nevertheless, I do see how one could find Woodruff’s definitions of Art, Human, Action, and Worth to be useful, meaningful, and/or valid.
Paul Woodruff defines art as a system of techniques that can be learned, refined, and mastered. Merriam Webster defines art as something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings. The way Woodruff defines art seems to be more of a complex definition opposed to Merriam Webster’s simpler definition. In my opinion, when Woodruff is talking about art, he’s talking about everything in life being an art form such as working a 9-5 job or playing a sport. I agree with Merriam Webster’s definition because when I think of art, I think of plays, musicals, dance, and physical art like paintings, statues, sculptures, etc. Maybe it could be my lack of imagination or creativity, but when I think of art, only theater, dance, and physical art come to mind.
Woodruff defines human as the animal most skilled at
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But when I thought about, sports is my theater. There is entertainment and drama, but I think the unpredictability is the best part, and when I connected Woodruff’s definitions with sports, it made even more sense. The art is practicing and working on technique, skills, and situations. Human is the communication between teammates and fans and forming those communities by becoming one as a whole. Action is that particular sport being played where the drama and unpredictability come in, and worth would be the salaries players earn by showing their worth to their

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