The 's Theology And The Mirrors Of Scripture Essay examples

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As the body of Christ (the Church) redefined itself again and again throughout history, believers were hard-pressed to embrace and work through the multiple denominations amongst them. Fast-forward centuries and thousands of denominations later, and we find the Church at odds against the idea (or the classification) of evangelicalism. In Kevin J. Vanhoozer and Daniel J. Treier’s Theology and the Mirrors of Scripture: A Mere Evangelical Account, they raise the awareness that the problem of evangelicalism lies in the fact that there are no set doctrines that form a whole theology accepted by those who call themselves evangelicals or even other believers, as one would expect from a popular form of Christian denomination (i.e.: Calvinism, Baptist, Presbyterianism, etc.). The authors then liken Scripture to a mirror in order to illustrate the reflection (connection) between the Triune God and evangelical Christians, as they try to smooth out the theology behind evangelicalism. The word “evangelical” is often used to wrongly describe Christians in a sociological manner. While the basic meaning of the word is “good news” or “the gospel” [of Jesus Christ], the actual definition of the term has less to do with what humans deem as “evangelical” and more to do with “God’s Word and God’s act”. (11) Here, Vanhoozer and Treier are quick to point out that there must be a careful balance between the authority of Scripture and the presence of the Spirit of God within an evangelical belief…

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