Essay on The 's Stand For What Is Right

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Ike’s Stand for What is Right
During the 1950’s the fear of communism was growing in every household across the United States. With the discovery of Soviet spies in the U.S government, the Red Scare bloated into mass pandemonium. Joseph McCarthy, the junior senator of Wisconsin, was helping the fear grow by falsely accusing hundreds of people in the government to be communists who were working to destroy the American way of life. There seemed to be no way of stopping McCarthy without being accused to be a communist publicly across America, so nobody stood up against him. The people needed a leader to challenge the giant that was McCarthy and stop McCarthyism from spreading anymore. As the President of the United States of America, Eisenhower should have spoken out against McCarthy earlier due to his duty as a Republican to defend his party 's image, to protect the people in the country from misinformation and poor decisions, and to show he was a strong leader to the citizens of the nation. Eisenhower, as a member of the Republican party, needed to stop McCarthy from tarnishing his party’s image, and therefore should have spoken out against him.
McCarthy, being a republican, was making it appear to the general public as if the Republican Party shared similar views and supported his actions because nobody in the party spoke out due to the fear of being accused a communist. McCarthyism was essentially republicanism in the eyes of many Americans. Eisenhower was now leading the…

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