The 's Song Born Free Essay

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M.I.A.’s song “Born Free” has an extremely controversial music video that raises awareness to the fact that oppression and discrimination are still extremely relevant in todays modern society. The director of the music video is Romain Gavras. The way the electronic music duo delivered their message has been criticized for being far fetched because it depicts a government like group geocoding innocent redhead boys. Instead of analyzing the video as being too far fetched, I believe M.I.A. uses this format to prove a point that no matter who it is being marginalized in society, they are still just a group of people that have minor differences from other groups of people. I can not imagine anyone in the world would agree that other people should die because something about them is a minor difference. Genocide is still prevalent in certain parts of the world today and this music video reminds people of this. The music video was banned from many different websites and requires age verification to see the video along with many warnings on some other websites. I understand that the film is extremely gory and violent but there are not many effective ways to portray discrimination in a light and playful manner. I disagree with critics that condemn the video for being to “over the top” because it brings a major worldwide issue out of the dark. The music video tells a story that the song only makes comments on. What I mean by this is that the lyrics do not discuss things like genocide…

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