The 's Privilege, And The Documentary White Like Me Essays

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America prides itself on the idea that we give fair, equal opportunities to all citizens in our country. No matter who you are or where you come from if one works hard enough social mobility is achievable. Khan’s Privilege, and the documentary White Like Me, helps explain how this idea of meritocracy in America is extremely flawed. Colorblind racism is reinforced by affirmative action, and scholarships, as a way to help promote an equal playing field, which only enhances the idea of meritocracy. While examples of black success like the 2008 election are being used as proof that America is no longer racist and that there is no reason, except for oneself, for no social mobility.
According to Khan (2011), Americans, more specifically, white Americans have gone from the mindset of entitlement, to a mindset of merit. If one did not work for their spot in society, then it is not an accomplishment to be proud of (Khan 2011). Overall, this idea of merit, one must work hard for a better life, is a great thing, but what these white Americans aren’t seeing are the roadblocks that are in the way of minorities and their opportunities to reach the same goals. Throughout history there has been a huge change in the minds of the elite, now that they are accompanied by minorities in their schools and workplaces they think this shows equality making their successes based off of merit more than entitlement (Khan 2011). Affirmative Action and scholarships are great programs, but they only…

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