The Youth At First Presbyterian Church Essay

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Field Experience
This year I started working with the youth at First Presbyterian Church in downtown Athens. I spend three hours with them every week; each week entails something different. A typical Sunday night looks like your average youth group or Sunday school setting. However, the youth takes many outside field trips and retreats throughout the year. The kids are middle and high school students, boys and girls between the ages of eleven and eighteen. Due to the fact that this learning environment is not definite in grading per say, I have been able to assess their growth by getting to know the kids. Youth is supposed to be a motivating and safe place for them to learn about God. Yes, they learn about the bible but it is more than that. Youth impacts their morals and daily living. I worked under their youth director, Kim Ness, and worked side by side with another intern, Alyssa. Alyssa and I were able to group off with small clusters of kids. We worked hands on with them on worksheets or small discussions.
Since I work with the same kids every week, their development quickly stuck out to me. Chapter three in our book focused on self, social and moral development. All the little things, from Erikson’s eight stages to physical development, clicked in my mind when I saw first hand middle and high school kids in action. First, I saw the distinction of maturity levels between boys and girls and the separate grade levels. The older girls carried themselves with a high level…

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