The Yellow Hood - Original Writing Essay

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Outside a large city filled with tall buildings and coffee shops with many people spewing out of stores,A girl with long fizzed red hair, in a yellow hood with a blue skirt, with a large pink backpack walks out of the pokemon center.

"Huh?" The girl says as she looks around for her Sandshrew doll that usual hangs on her bag. The girl notices a boy her age speed walking away carrying something in his hands.

"hey come back here you thief!" She yells out Rashly at the sight of them running ahead of her before pulling out a pokeball.

"come on V we got to to hurry and get my doll back "she says rushing after the boy with her Squirtle following her.

As she chases the thief she passes a set of twins both wearing round glasses, both with brown hair and tied up into a puff ball, wearing pinkgreen dresses and white tights.sneaking around with cameras around their necks, the one in the green dress had a small Meloetta floats around her as a Plusle on her back play with her hair as the the girl in the pink dress takes pictures.

"smile Suez!" The girl in pink yells at the plusle as she take a picture of them

"lel hush we 're suppose to be on a mission, you know follow this Ailene Rousseau." her twin says with low tone voice before the small Meloetta points behind them before they could turn around they felt someone push them out of the way as a boy taller then them,with light blue hair hurry 's off with a Sand shrew doll .

"hey watch it bud." The twins shout as the boy runs off…

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