The Year I Was A Year That Changed Me Forever Essay

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The year I was six years old was a year that changed me forever. What happened to me in that year most adults do not have to face until they are much older. This was a year which started with much promise and end with great heartache for our family of eight; to which I was the second youngest.
On October 23, 1976 is a day I will never forget. That was a day for years I would react to and sometimes forget why I was reacting to it until I realized it was October 23. That day was a school day and dad was off from work because he was going hunting. I remember him playing with us before we got on the bus. He was a kind man to his children, he would be helpful to others, but do not get on his bad side because he became like a berserkers of the Vikings. Because it was the first part of my First Grade year the first graders only went half days, my mom and little brother would pick me up at noon. This day was different though, my third cousin Dianne Shartier picked me up, and so Dianne said that we need to go straight home. When I got there Aunt Hank, Hank was short for Henrietta Shartier; we called her Aunt Hank because she was like a sister to my dad, so the reason for Dianne picking me was because Aunt Hank had been watching my younger brother Charlie. I asked where my mom was and she said she was with my dad at the hospital, and would be home shortly. When mom got home she called us all in the living room and she told us my dad had died. I just sat there is shock, crying. My…

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