Reflective Essay: A Day At The Iowa State Fair

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It was the morning before the sheep show. I could not stop thinking about how much I wanted my dad to be there to watch me show.
My dad was never able to come to the Iowa State fair with me because he always had football practice. I have shown at the state fair for four years. It has never really bothered me that my dad was never able to come, I understood why. For some reason this year I really wanted him to be there. I knew that he wouldn’t be coming thought and that made my heart break.
The rest of my family was always there and that made it a lot better. It was that afternoon we were just sitting around by our animals. That is something that we do a lot at the state fair. There is always so much to do so we thought it would be good to
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He said the exact same thing “I will shack the hand of the third place, then second place, then I will shack the first place hand.”
Then he shook the hand of the person behind me then the person in front of me. I got first in my class again. I couldn’t even believe what happened. I was so thrilled.
Since both of my lambs were the same breed, and they both got first you have to back in the show ring to see how would be first and second overall of that breed.
I had to go get my cousin Mitchel who also showed sheep, because I had them at the same time. So we quick run back to the entrance of the show ring. My dad got the chance to talk to me for a little bit and he said to me, “Great job. You are doing great. Keep working hard, I think you could do really well in this class to.”
That’s when I knew that I was going to do good again. Mitchel and I went into the show ring right next to each other. It didn’t take long for the judge to go get the microphone. He talked about the lambs and then said, “I will shake the hand of your first place winner first then your second place winner.” He set the microphone down and then came and took one last look at all the lambs. Then he started walking towards me! He shook my hand first. I was so excited, I just walked right out of the ring. I was trying to keep my cool, even though I was so excited. My mom and my dad were both right there. My mom had been recording the whole
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So I knew that it was going to be very hard to win this.
As Mitchel and I went back to the show ring the announcer said over the intercom, “The first place winner of this class will win $300. The second place winner will win $200.” This made my stomach turn.
It took the judge a long time to figure out who he was going to pick, then finally he went and talked about the lambs. He ended it with, “I will shake the hand of your first place winner first then your second place winner.”
He first shook the hand of the person two rows down from me. My stomach still turned but I wasn’t to mad. That’s when the judge started walking towards me. I thought in my head, “He is probably going to the person in front of me.” But nope he came and shook my hand!
I was so happy that I gave my lamb a big kiss on the forehead. I know it was crazy that I did. I had just won $200. I went over to my dad and gave him a big hug. My dad said to me, “I am so proud of you, you did so well.” He had tears in his eyes.
That’s when I knew that this would be a moment that would last

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