Essay The Yalta Conference And The Korean War

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Despite being allies during the Second World War, Americans and Soviets held distinguishing ideas in the postwar visions. The United States and the Soviet Union relations deteriorated following the decade of World War II. The Yalta Conference and the Korean War had been influential events in their relation, creating tensions among them. The Yalta conference was where tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States started to further establish. On February of 1965, President Franklin Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill gathered for a peace conference held in Yalta. Stalin promised to enter the Pacific was again, leading Roosevelt to agree on Soviet’s claim of Russian territory. Roosevelt and Stalin, among others, agreed on a renewed United Nations with a General Assembly. There would be a Security Council with five major powers having veto powers, many hoped this would help in creating a peaceful world order. This conference also had the loose promises from the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union has promised free election in Eastern Europe, since Poland was occupied by Stalin’s government, yet Stalin broke his promise weeks later by refusing to make any changes. Americans and Soviets disagreed on the outcome for Germany. Roosevelt wanted a reunited Germany, but Stalin wanted German punishment, which included paying for war damages and pull apart Germany. However, the outcome of this issue was for the five major countries to control occupation zones in Germany. There was an…

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