The Wwii Middle Class Nuclear Ideal Essay

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The post- WWII middle class nuclear ideal was a time when the husband worked, the wife stayed home and maintained the family, and the children who were obedient and listened well. It was the idea that everyone in the family had to work together with shared responsibilities in order for the family to contribute to the society 's well being. As stated by the New World Encyclopedia, " The family is often referred to as a haven providing love and protection from the rough and tumble industrialized world, and as a place where warmth, tenderness and understanding can be expected from a loving mother and protection from the world can be expected from the father."It was important to maintain this image because this traditional view was suppose to keep a controlled society where men kept the power over women. However, as time went on, we saw that it was much harder to keep this post WWII middle class nuclear ideal in the decades after 1960s. More people departed from this view to achieve greater goals in our society such the feminist movement, the events following the feminist movement, the gay rights movement, and the age of the technology era. The upbringing of the feminist movement was due partly to women who were motivated to break away from the stereotypical gender roles of a housewife. During times of WWII, men were drafted into the war, leaving behind their wives and children. As a result, many women stepped in and took over the jobs of men to support their family while…

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