Essay about The Worth Of A College Degree Worth It?

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The worth of a college degree
Is getting a college degree worth it? Americans have their own opinion about going to college to get a higher education. Private and public colleges cost money each semester. Some Americans are going to back to school to advance in a college degree for more job opportunities.
College students use financial aid and scholarships to cover the cost of college. College students ordered their textbooks online because it is much cheaper than paying like 100 to 500 dollars per book for each semester. Most students try to stay close to home, so they won’t have to pay for housing. The only thing financial aid and scholarships are paying for is college tuition and meal plan each semester. Avery and Turner (2012) and OECD (2013), among others said, “College degree is a worthy investment and a rise in tuition costs is well justified by a corresponding rise in the wage-premium, at least over the lifecycle of a worker.” Owen and Sawhill (2013) stated that college is a worthy investment for some students, it not for all students, stressing of selecting the right major and right school. He argued that half of the students start a four-year university do not finish it. In this article making college tuition free, it stated that all problems in high education today is high tuition at public college and universities, which forces students into decade of debts. In January, Obama asked Congress to fund a plan making two-year community tuition free, but Americans…

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