Essay on The Worst Year Of My Life

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Two thousand and fourteen was the worst year of my life. Nobody close to my heart had ever died. At four years old, I went into a church ,but didn’t know why I was there. My mom dressed me all up in my Sunday’s best, but it wasn’t Sunday. I watched my grandma fall to her knees and carried out the back. I really didn’t understand death ,nor really knew why my grandma was so hurt and crying. Death was something so unfamiliar to me.

Squeezing into the pew of packed church, I looked around and saw my stepdad’s family. Some of them weighed down by loss, drowning in their tears, but some were just relieved seeing family they haven’t seen in forever. The service commenced and I felt nothing but loss. The tears formed a knot in my throat until I figured out how to untie it. I shook with tears and someone brought me a tissue. The cool, October air came in contact with my wet face as I walked out of the church. Unbeknownst to me, GiGi’s death would be the beginning of chaos.

November came ,and I got news that my friend tried to commit suicide ,and put into a rehab center. I racked my brain for what I could’ve done to prevent it. I couldn’t find out how she was doing, contact her, or contact her family. My mama brought me news that two women, Sugamama and Granny, that I loved dearly lives were slipping from their fingers. It felt as if my life was like a puzzle and I kept losing pieces. On the night of November 21, I invited friends over and we had a sleepover. I stayed…

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