The Worst Development Outcomes Are From The Countries With The Majority Of Natural Resources

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The worst development outcomes are found in the countries with the majority of natural resource endowments. “There are twenty-three countries in the world that derive at least sixty percent of their exports from oil and gas and not a single one is a real democracy” (Patrick). In developing countries, an increasingly important part of economic growth is the management of natural resources. This allows governments to deliver services to their citizens and it also creates jobs (“Creating Jobs”). The problem is that these countries do not get to keep more than a small percentage of the profit because foreign countries and companies take advantage of these less economically powerful countries. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, less than ten percent of the revenue from minerals actually benefits the country, as ninety percent of the revenue goes to mining companies. In order to secure to the needs of the current generation and help develop the needs of future generations, many low and middle-income economies are highly dependent on the exploitation of their “natural capital.” Although the percentage of revenue these countries actually receive is slim in comparison to extracting countries, it does slightly improve living standards (“Natural Resources”).
Every five seconds, a child dies of hunger somewhere in the world. Two of the eight fundamental rights of every child is the right to health and the right to food. Every child must have nutritious food, not suffer or die of…

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