Essay on The World 's Worst Nuclear Accident Happened

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On April 25, 1986, the world’s worst nuclear accident happened in Chernobyl. An explosion and fire in Nuclear Reactor Number Four sent radiation into the sky and caused ecological damage that would create abnormalities in nature for decades. This has given humanity the responsibility to restore that part of the environment. As a species that inhabits the world, it had become their responsibility of them to take care of the habitats of the planet. The environment is a beautiful thing that was given to the people of the world, and it is their responsibility to dominate it, use the resources in a reasonable way, and to conserve it. One of the duties of the human race is to rule the Earth in a proper way. The motivation for a religious person to take care of the Earth is that God told us in the book of Genesis,”...have domination over the fish... and over all the earth…” (1:28). It is only fair that everybody takes care of the Earth in a manner that would make God proud. He put everyone on this beautiful planet and expects them to take care of the environment that supplies the world with its fruits and animals. God isn’t the only thing to tell the masses that we are in charge; Carl Sandburg tells the world in the poem “Wilderness” that everyone is in charge of the world through the line “...I am the keeper of the zoo…” (20). The zookeeper is the person who makes sure all of the animals and their habitats are healthy. The poem tells the reader that they are in charge of the…

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