Essay on The World 's Mind - Original Writing

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"So what, your life 's just one day of shit-reeking demons after the next? That sucks, dude. No wonder you 've got something stuck way up your-" Wynonna 's eyes intimated she silently chided herself, even though he looked almost amused. Almost. A hint of a smile that could 've actually just been a trick of shadow or a twitch in his cheek. Feeling him trying to size her up, Wynonna almost felt the small frenzy of insecurity. Everyone in Wynonna 's world 's mind was pretty much made up about her, no one had freshly judged her in a long time, and she wasn 't sure she missed the feeling. She 'd been trying her best with the curse, with Revenants, even to be a better sister, and it was uncomfortable to have someone stride in the middle of all that trying and try to put those jagged pieces of puzzle together.

Dolls mentally noted she seemed some degree of guarded, even as she shrugged her uneasiness away like the cold. Ordinarily, there wasn 't much conversation on his missions. To listen to the Heir talk was a breath of fresh air for him; if a dramatic breath of fresh air. She talked with her hands, with her eyes, hair swinging. The innuendo and shadow Dolls was accustomed to, even cultivated himself, was shattered in these woods, replaced by brazen honesty, even if she made it clear she didn 't entirely trust him, it was clear she knew no other way to be. Easy, Dolls nodded to himself, barely recognizing the notion. The walk back to the Homestead had come close to…

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