The World 's Civilization And Culture Is Language Essay

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An important factor in today’s civilization and culture is language. The ability to be literate is a privilege and a necessity in a world that relies on common speech, systematic administration and communication through writing. English has been a vital part in today’s society within hundreds of cultures worldwide; however, English has not always been as popular or familiar to those who speak it in the modern world. Indeed, like most things in a constantly changing world, the English language has undergone multitudes of changes and has spread from continent to continent. To understand the way people speak currently would require a deeper look at how it developed and what influenced the changes that has shaped modern English. Throughout the course of the study, there was a plethora of resources about Wyclif and his beliefs. There were many background resources about the history of English that aided in the rudimentary understanding of the Middle Ages. The most valuable source of information came from Cammack’s John Wyclif and the English Bible. As part of analyzing why Wyclif switched from Latin Vulgate, resources such as Dr. Herb Samworth’s article proved to be vital and fundamental information. From these sources, more resources became available. All the resources answered and even raised more questions about the initial question of the study: after centuries of being submerged in a completely different culture, how does English reshape and reestablish itself in the midst…

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