The World War Was A Catastrophe Essay

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The First World War was a calamity, but what was done in the wake of it, and the world it created, set the stage for even worse events. The post war world teetered on a precarious balance in both Europe and Asia. The nationalism that caused the First World War, manifested itself after the war and threatened post war security. Post- war Europe and Asia were fractured because of issues stemming from the First World War and combined with nascent and growing nationalism.

Europe bore the brunt of the damage caused by the First World War. Millions died, thousands of square kilometers were decimated. The economies of the major nations were in ruins and old and new empires were shattered. As a response to the brutality of war on an industrial scale, nation against nation instead of just army against army, the Allies wanted to make sure this type of destruction never happened again. The Allied leaders decided that a major peace conference was the best way to go about creating the “new world order”. The Paris peace conference began in 1919 and was meant to solve problems created by the First World War, and make sure Germany could never start such a war again. The main outcome of the Paris peace conference was the treaty of Versailles That treaty forced Germany to accept all blame for the First World War and pay enormous, unaffordable reparations to the allies for damages. In addition Germany was forbidden from having a strong army or navy and any air force. With a depression hitting…

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