The World War I Essay

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In the 20th century, a fascist group called the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, which was also known as the Nazis, had emerged. The party was run by the Austrian, Adolf Hitler, who is credited with starting the party with his novel Mein Kampf (Neel). The Nazis were characterized by intense nationalism (Neel).The Nazis had emerged from pre existing groups and had built from the existing disillusion from the German loss in World War I (Neel). Nazis were anti semitic and used Jews as scapegoats for losing the war (Neel). Hitler had a distaste for “inferior people”, which were those who were not of the “Aryan” race (Neel). In the 21st century a new group has come. They are The Islamic State or ISIS(Do). ISIS is a terrorist organization. Their main goal is to redraw the map of the Middle East and create a new state, an Islamic State (Do). Some groups of ISIS are formed like small armies while others are like small, sophisticated terrorist cells (Do). ISIS’ leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who lead his group to Syria where they settled a strong hold. (Do). During the Syrian Civil war, ISIS had become the most powerful terrorist faction. (Do). Many people have noticed similarities between the groups. While some see other wise, The Nazis and ISIS are quite similar. The Nazi and ISIS are similar because they both use persecution,use propaganda, and they both spread throughout different territories.
Nazis and ISIS are similar because they both use persecution. Nazis had…

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