Essay on The World Under Totalitarian Society

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Introduction George Orwell 's famous scientific fiction, 1984, is known to be warning its readers about the world under totalitarian society. Today 's world has many similarities with Oceania, a society portrayed in 1984, in the aspect of control over citizen, changes in language, and perpetual cause of fear. Telescreen and memory hole, which are being employed by the government to monitor citizens and conceal information, are similar to wiretapping by government agencies and media censorship. Slang and Newspeak limit free expression of thoughts. Endless war in 1984 and War on Terror both used to justify the control over citizens by the government.
Control over Citizens In the aspect of control over citizens, Telescreen and memory hole, which appears in 1984, are similar to wiretapping, social media, Internet, and means of record disposal existing nowadays. In 1984, Telescreen observes and employ surveillance towards citizens of Oceania. Telescreen can determine a person 's destiny according to surveillance records, which is monitored by the thought police. As described in the novel, "It was terribly dangerous to let your thoughts wander when you were in any public place or within a range of a telescreen" (Orwell, 51) People cannot turn Telescreen off, which makes them not able to opt-out from the observation. In today 's world, the Internet and social media can determine a person 's future and disclose their moments. Once a person uploads their moments or thoughts on the…

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