The World Of World War II Essay

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World War II, the largest and most violent War to occur began twenty-one years after the close of World War I. The second world war began on the 1st of September, 1939 and involved a vast majority of the world’s nations. The nations were split in two forming the Axis Powers (which in the beginning consisted of Germany, Italy and Japan) versus the Allies (involving France, Great Britain and The Soviet Union.) Throughout the war each army grew in numbers due to alliances and friendship treaties. By the late 1930’s Hitler was the most powerful man in the German Government. ( 2003-2016.) He had many goals for Germany, but his main focus was known as Lebensraum, which translates to ‘living space.’ Hitler wished to expand the German borders into Europe and elsewhere creating more space for Germany and the Aryan race. The ‘inferior races’ such as the Jews and Gypsies living in Nazi territory were sent to concentration camps and ghettos. (Holocaust Teacher Resource Centre 2015) While these parts of Hitler’s strategies were just coming into play, war was officially declared upon Germany and the Axis Powers by Britain and France after the German forces invaded Poland, achieving the first major step in expanding their borders. Did Germany take on too much, and what other events occurred that lead to the defeat of Hitler, Germany and the Axis Powers?

In 1925, an autobiography by Adolf Hitler was published, Mein Kampf, meaning ‘my struggle.’ This book contains Hitler’s…

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