The World Of Self Publishing By Keith Martin Smith Essay

1425 Words Aug 6th, 2014 6 Pages
On the other hand, resistance to this hybrid trend revolves around concerns regarding the issues of piracy, a lack of outside support and access to professional handling, and the legitimacy of being part of the "anyone can write a book" club. Effortlessness of publishing by electronic means is both an asset and flaw as it renders illegal reproduction just as easy (Rambo). In addition, the lack of professional support is why the market is flooded with poorly written, edited, and presented E-books (Collings). Thus, legitimacy is an important concern as the deluge of deficient E-books further complicates matters for those seeking to establish themselves as a professional author. In his blog, Keith Martin-Smith explains, "Anyone can self-publish, which means that self-publication gets clogged with vanity projects and books so poorly written they drag the reputation of everyone else down with them" (Martin-Smith). In summary, even though traditional publishers have published flawed books on occasion, the world of self-publishing is absolutely saturated with deficiently written, inadequately edited, and shoddily presented books. Still, despite the concerns, and whether published traditionally or not, any author who hopes to succeed in today 's publishing world understands the need to embrace the future of E-book publishing. As a result, today 's authors have weighed the pros and cons of traditional and self-publishing, agonized over being called a Traditional Author…

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