The World Of Politics Right Essay

1992 Words Oct 17th, 2016 8 Pages
“Equality Implies Individuality” People who are in high positions of power and privileges should make a positive influence to the community rather than using it for their own convenience. In this world, it really cannot be avoided that there are inequalities everywhere. There will always be someone who is weak and powerless, and in contrast, someone who is influential and dominate. But sometimes, some of those people who are high in power tend to have more benefits, like getting special treatments and getting exempted from obeying the laws. These people are referred to as sacred cows, and as what Cambridge dictionary stated, “something or someone that people accept or believe to be good or necessary without ever questioning their belief.” Hillary Clinton, a very significant person in the world of politics right now since she is running for presidency in the United States, may be considered as a sacred cow. She had numerous of cases from the past and recently that were against the law yet, she did not get penalize for it. Clinton has been given special treatments and consideration in regards to her wrongdoings and actions, and it is pretty obvious from all the news and reports given to the public. One of the biggest issues that Hillary Clinton faced was her role in the Benghazi attack in Libya, which left four Americans got killed. She was the secretary of the state, yet she was not able to do anything about it, rather she failed to do something about it. The Obama…

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