The World Of Nazi Germany Essay

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Address Unknown is and was a very moving book that brought light to what it was like to live in Nazi Germany and how easily and quickly people were changing. It is fascinating this book is fiction due to careful and meticulous writing. Kressmann had taken the initiative in writing this and understood how important it was for the public to see on a personal level the impact Nazi Germany was having on not just German citizens but citizens everywhere. Many American’s did not care nor believe the stories and what was happening in Germany. Kressmann herself had seen her Jewish friends in America being treated poorly by German’s who once were these Jewish people’s friends. This event helped inspire her to write Address Unknown.
I think Taylor was excellent at achieving her purpose of calling attention to the effect Nazi Germany was having on everyone. She was calling attention to the American public on how quickly a seemingly good person could be poisoned by the Nazi propaganda. The book was a best seller and in her lifetime recognized as a classic. This goes to show how much she cared and dedicated herself to writing this book. Address Unknown made its appearance in Reader’s Digest despite their no-fiction rules. Taylor was breaking ground with Address Unknown proving again her talent and writing skills.
Above all Kressmann’s main theme of Address Unknown was to wake up American’s to what was going on in Nazi Germany, and how this is affecting everyone. Another theme that the…

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