Dehumanization Of Jews In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Have you ever felt controlled being threatened by people who have so much power in their hands? Elie the main character in the book called “Night” has experience many horrible things that make you think can they really do that? Elie grew up in Sighet in a world that Germans and Jews did not really like each other. As things started to conflict both sides Nazi’s took over and sent Jews to the concentration camps people like Elie and his father who begin to work and have saw many horrific things through their sad journey. In the book “Night by Elie Wiesel” most jews were getting treated unfairly which very dehumanizing throughout the book such as looking not being able to have goods, when jews would get punishment and when they could not run away. The beginning of “Night” it was shown that many Germans did not care about what jews had and what was important to them and …show more content…
During this time Jews had no choice but to listen because they did not just have their lives on the line but many. The fact that this was lesson for other in the camp that decided to do something wrong will end up like the people who gets hung. This type of problem was shown on (pg.24) and i quote “ There are eighty of you in the car,” the German officer added. “If anyone goes missing, you will be shot, like dogs.” This shows how dehumanizing was the German officers. The problem that was going on was that they were heading to the camp so most of them were going to work and if they left from the car they would get killed.At this moment if you left and ran away and you would get killed and that was unusual for many who had read this book but there was a reason for it and that was to make sure the Jews were not in control. Most Jews were treated like they were not people and so Germans took an advantage of it and there

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