The World Of Mold And Fungi Essay

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The World of Mold and Fungi

Fungus or Fungi comes in different forms, sizes and, shapes and can grow on roughly everything. It grows in warm weather, the tropical rainforest, frozen tundra’s, lakes, rivers, and in the oceans. Biologist first identified fungus in the 1700 when they only comprised only two species, plants and animals (Stefoff, 2008). Bread and fruit are examples of things that mold can grow on. Fungus comes in different forms like red, yellow, black, blue, white, blue, purple, green, and orange and also in different forms and sizes. Mold is either black or white color that grows on fruits and breads. Scientists group living things to show how relationship to one another which are known as kingdoms (Stefoff, 2008). Fungi make up one kingdom. The fungi kingdom gets their food then makes spores to reproduce. (Sneddem, 2000) The fungus is made out of cells with a nucleus that controls its development. Fungus cells are made out of a cell wall, a mycelium, hyphae, and a nucleus (Sneddem, 2000). Unlike plants, fungus has no roots, steams, or leaves. It does not have tubes inside its body to carry nutrients to different parts. It has small white threads and branches to make new threads as they get longer and longer. Fungi lives in fields and forests, hot deserts and icy arctic lands, high mountains and deep caves, lakes and oceans (Walker, 2004). Others survive on living plants and animals including humans. Fungi affect living things in…

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