The World Of Dreams, Opportunities And Freedom Essay

2683 Words Nov 26th, 2016 11 Pages
The world of dreams, opportunities and freedom is what I used to be called. Seas were crossed in voyages that lasted would last weeks, people would sacrifice everything they had just to see me and be with me, all while leaving everything behind and gripping onto the idea that everything will work out for them. I soon began to lose my body, lost my sense of self and spirit and was forced to adapt to the new ways of those that I had allowed to trespass, that I had welcomed and allowed their stay. I saw as how my old friends slowly started disappearing, how their ideas and materials started making their way away from my eyes and were slowly replaced by wooden houses, metal sheers and new tongues. Just as fast as my old friends left, my new friends took over and began to befriend me, not knowing the damage they would instill in me nor would how much of myself be lost. My greatest quality of freedom was the first to go as soon as slaves were introduced to me. At first I could not tell the difference between my new and old friends, to me they all looked the same and had similar characteristics which made my understanding very confused when I saw these “slaves” being treated differently. They would often look at me with contagious yet terrified eyes and would ask for help, the same eyes my old friends gave me before they too had left. All I could do was just sit there and watch, sit and watch as how my body was slowly being destroyed Our plot begins in Jamestown, Virginia, the…

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