The World Of Dragons - Original Writing Essay

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Blue was born on October 6th in 1998 in NYC but moved away shortly afterwards. Although her parents didn’t know it at the time, she couldn’t see very well so as a result her other senses heightened. Her hearing got so good that whenever her parents opened the window onto the city, she would start to cry because the noise was too intense for her. Her ear sensitivity affected her even after she left the city, causing her to get sick every time they would go back for a visit. At the time her dad was working at the World Trade Center in the Stock Exchange, however they moved to Sag Harbour when she was one, about 3 years before 9/11. As a kid she believed she was a dragon, and that if she jumped into the sprinkler at just the right time off the trampoline, she would fly into a secret portal and be transported into the magical world of dragons. As well as having an active imagination, she loves to read, and will read anything as long as it has an interesting story line.
The first school Blue ever went to was the Barn Day school on Long Island, but after they moved she transferred to the Hayground school until she was in first grade. She transferred to the Sag Harbour elementary school for a few years, and in for 6th grade she transferred to the Pierson middle and high school. She was homeschooled for her 8th grade year, and then for freshman and sophomore year she went to Buxton High school, a boarding school in Williamstown, MA. One thing about her Buxton school she liked was…

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